Special Services

Holy Baptism

Baptism is the sacrament of being initiated into Christ’s holy Church. Whether of an adult or a child, baptism also marks the beginning of an intentional faith journey toward becoming followers of Jesus Christ.

One does not travel alone on this journey. Parents and the church family make a promise to help guide the newly baptized to live as Christ’s body in the world.

How do you arrange for a baptism?

If you are already a member of FUMC, contact the pastor to schedule an appointment. At that time, the pastor will discuss the meaning and responsibility of baptism with you so that you understand the intention of the vows you will take or the vows you will take on behalf of your child. If you are not a member, the first step to take is for you to meet with the pastor and then become a member of FUMC by entering the membership classes.


The service of Christian marriage is a sacred covenant reflecting the Baptismal Covenant. A Christian wedding involves not only the bride and the groom, but also a community of family and friends that comes together to seek God’s blessings for the couple. Everything about the service is intended to witness that this is a Christian marriage. Hence, the content of the service is under the supervision of the music director and officiating pastor.

How do you arrange for a wedding at FUMC?

Weddings can be celebrated in the sanctuary,(seating up to 350) or in the chapel (seating 65). To arrange for a wedding call the Church Administrative Assistant at 203-324-1323 to acquire and complete the required application. Once you have completed the application, the Administrative Assistant will contact the pastor(s) to reserve a date and time for your service. Upon receipt of your non-refundable deposit (the deposit varies depending on the time of the year and whether the service is in the chapel or the sanctuary), the officiating pastor will call to arrange the first of several pre-marriage counseling sessions.


One of the blessings of the Christian faith and church community, is that we are not left alone when someone dies. We are sustained by the gift of the Holy Spirit and the support of a caring community of faith. The pastor welcomes the privilege of ministering to you on such occasions.

When death occurs, the pastor should be informed as soon as possible to provide pastoral assistance to you, your family and friends in making arrangements for the service and to answer any questions you might have. The service “expresses clearly the twofold nature of what is done: the facts of death and bereavement are honestly faced, and the gospel of resurrection is celebrated in the context of God’s Baptismal Covenant with us in Christ.”

A Service of Committal usually occurs immediately following the funeral at the graveside. This farewell service is brief, simple and done with dignity. A Memorial service is appropriate when the body of the deceased is not present.