Our Vision

Welcoming all who seek peace and fellowship within an atmosphere of hospitality, forgiveness and compassion:

We celebrate the glory of God’s power in our lives through dynamic worship and compassionate ministries. In soul-satisfying services we experience the Word, share music performed in a wide range of musical traditions, receive the healing blessings of prayer and renew our spirits. Inspired to live our faith, we go forth to love and serve a changing and challenging world.

  • As spiritual people, we are on a transforming journey towards becoming disciples of Jesus Christ. We invite everyone at any stage of that spiritual journey to nourish a sustaining relationship with God. We come together in groups large and small to worship, to study the Bible, and to pray. We encourage each other to grow in faith and knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through relevant ministries for adults, families, children and youth. Friends and newcomers — as well as those who call this their church home — feel the work of the Spirit making a difference in their lives.
  • As diverse people, we are united as a vital faith community. Our diversity is our strength as God builds our church to be a sturdy bridge connecting people of different faith backgrounds, ethnic heritages, ages, races and genders. We respect and celebrate the diversity of God’s creation in everything we do, which enriches our worship, study and fellowship. We all have a voice and a presence in every aspect of our community and ministry. So that all may become involved and freely use their gifts and talents, we strive to eliminate all physical, social, racial, cultural and economic barriers.
  • As caring people, we accept the challenge to work for social justice for all. We embrace John Wesley’s vision of the world as our parish, and advocate for those in need in our community and beyond. Reaching out with hearts and hands to provide support in whatever way we can wherever we are needed, we actively send the message that this is a church for all God’s children. In that spirit, we are doers of the Word, creating and implementing programs on our own or in partnership with others to serve people at risk and in need.
  • As faithful people, we use our blessings and resources creatively and responsibly, always placing Christ at the center of our actions. We gather as a people ever mindful of who we are and whose we are, striving to do God’s will.