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Weekly Order of Worship for the Hope Street Experience


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Quiet Prayer & Meditation,
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Other Events/Offerings

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Resources for this week, hope these help!
November Thematic Overview–‘Enough
Nov 3 – When Dreams Become Nightmares
Nov 10 – Wisdom and Finance
Nov 17 – Cultivating Contentment
Nov 24 – Defined by generosity
Lessons for the SoulMark 12:38-44, The Message
Moment of Inspiration — Wisdom and Finance (*check out the video from 11/10)

**1. Jesus talks money in the Gospels
Matthew: 6:2-4 and 19-21, 10:5-11, 19:21-22, 21:12-13, 22:18-22, 25:14-30
Mark: 4:19, 12:15-17 and 41-44, 14:3-9
Luke: 7:41-43, 9:1-6, 10:1-12, 14:28-30, 16:1-13, 18:18-23, 19:1-8 and 45-46, 20:22-26, 21:1-4
John: 2:13-16, 12:1-8
**2. Hamilton talks financial planning in ‘Enough’
–1 pay your tithe and offering first
–2 create a budget and track your expenses
–3 simplify your lifestyle
–4 establish an emergency fund
–5 pay on your credit cards, use cash/debit cards for purchases, and use credit wisely
–6 practice long-term savings and investing habits
Opportunities and More:
*1* Stewardship Fair, December 2, Immediately following 10:30am worship (cross road campus)
*2* Next week, Nov. 17th -Hope Street Fellowship, entrée provided please bring a side, a beverage, or a dessert
*3* Operation Warm, now open through end of year!! (if a child size 5-16 needs a winter coat this year, you are welcome to visit the Hope Street Campus to select a brand new coat, FREE)
–**–Service of Healing and Wholeness – EVERY fourth Saturday of the month (Hope Street campus)
–**–Hope Street Fellowship – dinner fellowship after worship on the 3rd Saturdays of the month
       –entrée provided (please bring a drink, side dish, or dessert to share)

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