Our faith is not an abstraction — it is lived out every day in the real world. In a small group, you can consider how to live a life of integrity, consistent with God’s word and Godʼs will.

Meetings are held in the FUMC Lounge (42 Cross Road, Stamford)

As always: refreshments are provided, all members and friends are welcome! No previous attendance required and meetings are casual and friendly!


Bible Studies

Sundays 9:30am and noon (seasonal)
An adult class that studies scripture through themes (for example, God’s covenant) which change quarterly.

Tuesdays 7am (Men’s)
Men’s Group meets to study and fellowship once a week, using the Upper Room Magazine.

Tuesdays 9:30am
The group uses a variety of approaches to Bible Study — either studying individual books of the Bible, using video, or reading books on Biblical themes.

Wednesdays 10am
Led by the pastor and meets to pray and discuss scripture readings from the Upper Room Magazine.

Covenant Group

Wednesday 9:30am Children’s Library


Disciple Fast Track Bible Study

24-week accelerated comprehensive Bible study program. The first twelve sessions focus on the Old Testament, the second half of the course covers the books of the New Testament.

Book Club

Our book club would like to invite all in our congregation to read along and join in the discussion. Book Club is an informal group that gathers (about every other month) to discuss works of fiction and non-fiction that touch on our spiritual lives.

The discussions are lively and the fellowship warm and welcoming. We encourage you to read the books even if you are unable to attend the discussion: like the “One City One Book” model, we’re trying a “One Church One Book” and we hope you will find a friend or loved one to engage in discussion.