Celebration Sanctuary

Resources for this week, hope these help!

Lessons for the Soul Mark 6:14-29 (The MSG)
Moment of Inspiration – Reaching Across

Communities/people who recently Reached Across
—–*****—–As people who follow Christ, we are called to witness, share, and love
—–*****—–volunteers and citizens helping families reunite across the country
—–*****—–Saman Gunan, Thai Navy seal who died saving the Thai soccer team stuck in cave for 14 days
—–*****—–Bullets 4 Peace, Bullets into Jewelry, Jewelry for a Cause
Opportunities and More:
1. Walking Group meets Thursdays @ 6pm, we’re back outside, bring personal water bottles with you! See you at Scalzi Park.
2. Red Bird Mission July 21-29, Pastor Robb and Pastor Kai will be traveling with the group
3. Thanks for all your support of #celebrationsanctuary over the last several years. As of Saturday August 4, Celebration Sanctuary will become Hope Street and will gather at 1116 Hope Street, Stamford.

Come check out the new *Hope Street* on Saturdays at 5pm!


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