About Us

Hi!  The First United Methodist Church of Stamford is a community of Members and Friends who endeavor to be a welcoming, diverse, Christ-centered and socially just community of disciples making disciples.  Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ in and around Stamford, CT,  for the transformation of the world.  We believe a disciple is a person who shares Jesus Christ because they know Jesus Christ, and who is growing in Jesus Christ so that they can serve Jesus Christ.

We have five primary tasks, which we call “The Five Firsts of Vital Christianity.”   In keeping with these five priorities, we hope to Reach + Connect + Transform + Give + and Serve.  As you look through the pages of this website, we hope that you will find that our words are in keeping with our deeds, and that our deeds are in keeping with our words.  We seek to be a people of integrity,  who practice what we preach, and who are willing to work for that which we pray for.

You are welcome here.  God loves you, forgives you, and accepts you.  So do we!